Sunday, December 16, 2007

Half way point - already! yikes!

Traditional Tajik items at "The Rose" restaurant
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G. Mark Towhey said...

Hi Kelly,

Just discovered your blog through a Google alert for Tajikistan and wanted to leave you a note to say that I really enjoyed reading through it.

I'm impressed with the beauty of Khujand -- I had heard it was nice, but your pics really caught my eye. I will have to make some excuse to get out that way to see it myself. Maybe, not til Spring, though!

I'm living and working in Dushanbe on a UNDP project focused on Badakhshan province in Afghanistan. Although, as I write this I'm back in Toronto for a month! Who would have thought I migh miss Tajikistan?

Anyway, keep up the good blogging! I look forward to your next adventure. I'll be back in Dushanbe by mid to end January (via Kabul for 2-3 weeks). If you're heading back into the capital and want to meet some more expats, check out the Irish Pub or La Grand Dame restaurant... or just drop me a line and I'll recommend some spots.


Mark Towhey