Thursday, October 4, 2007

I have finally moved into the apartment that I plan on staying in for a while - if there is fairly consistent water and electricity I will most likely live here until April... if not, I may keep looking as it is difficult to go without such basics for a long cold winter!

The apartment is very nice, has large windows and is very spacious and clean. The best part for me is that the water didn't smell bad and there are no bugs sharing the place with me :) It's the apartment Susan was staying in, but I have now taken over as she flew out at 4am today (I miss you already Susan!). Tonight when I get home from work I will unpack and make it "my space". I'm excited to set out my new Tajik tea set on a beautiful embroidered felt that I bought recently, things like really make it feel like "home" to me. I forgot to mention one little issue - there is no kitchen - yet! They are planning on building one for me, but I said a hot plate and toaster oven will do (electricity is on more than gas) so I hope to have something to cook with asap!

I have posted pictures on google photo's of my old apartment, new apartment, and the MEDA office (it is quite beautiful too!).

So in the meantime of being kitchenless the Canadian Thanksgiving is coming up... so to get around this slight obstacle my co-worker Brad has invited me to use his kitchen and we plan on making a feast. We also have 2 Canadians visiting from the MEDA Waterloo office, so we are hoping they will join us to help us eat all of the food! It will be a challenge to cook the meal, first of all to find the ingredients always turns into a multi-market scavenger hunt... then we have to cross our fingers and hope that we will have electricity and gas, and if we're REALLY lucky, WATER!! (but that's pushing it...)

Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians, wish us luck with our cooking :)


Tova said...

Kelly, I am so glad to hear that all is well. I know that I think about you all the time. I hope that you and all the others over there have an amazing Thanksgiving. I hope to hear from you soon. Happy Thanksgiving from Canada to you.

Melanie said...

Happy Thanksgiving from Peru! Good luck with your Thanksgiving dinner!!

Aggie said...

Kelly, we are really enjoying your blog and wait in anticipation for your next one. The stories and pictures are fascinating. Glad you are enjoying your work and different pace than here at home.
We want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and good luck with your culinary feast.
You are an amazing girl.

Shannon said...

happy thanksgiving from nicaragua!!! enjoy the dinner! :) i think we're having pasta tonight haha