Thursday, September 6, 2007

First Impressions...

Well, I'm here! I had three great flights, from Toronto to Vienna, Moscow, and finally Khujand! All were relatively on time and my luggage arrived with me, I couldn't have asked for a better trip!

It was dark when I arrived so the drive to the guest apartment where I am staying was not very scenic, however along the road I could see a lot of bright flowers everywhere. It left a lot to my imagination, I couldn't wait to see everything in daylight!

I arrived at my guest apartment and was surprised how large it was! And very HOT! I opened a window so I could try to sleep, although I was a little concerned what bugs I was inviting in, but at that point sleep was more important. When the driver dropped me off he asked me what time I wanted to be picked up to go to the office, he suggested 10am. At this point it was 5am, but I agreed because I was anxious to see the office and meet people.

As I was getting into bed at 6am the sun started rising. I looked out the balcony windows and saw mountains! Yay! I grabbed my camera and took a quick pic before passing out. 10am came faster then I had hoped, lol, jet lag is rough! But it was a beautiful drive to the office, we followed a river which has huge mountains on the other side. There are also flowers everywhere, this time of year is very beautiful here!

At the office everyone was very friendly, I just came to meet people, use the internet, and to my surprise had an excellent home-made lunch of soup and fresh bread! You see, the office is a converted HUGE Tajik house, it has tonnes of rooms and very tall ceilings; and they put the kitchen to good use! There is a lady who comes in and cooks home-made meals everyday for lunch... they told me it would be difficult to eat as a vegetarian here, but I beg to differ! The last thing I have to worry about is starving... more like how to excersize enough to make up for the food!

After my short visit in the office, I went home and slept, and slept... until about 4am. Then I was wide awake. I hope I can stay up until dark tonight, then I should be on schedule by tomorrow! (oh ya, I also found an A/C in the living room window, so that helps me sleep now too)

That's about it, I haven't ventured into the city yet, perhaps tonight after work... and I'm looking forward to this weekend as there should be much going on around thier Independence Day (Sept 9).

Stay tuned!


John B said...

Everyone in the building is asking about you. Love your blog. Max forwarded your blog to his daughter Quentin. Stay cool. xoxoxoxo Daddy

theresa said...

sounds like you are off and running- so excited to hear more adventures of your first weekend!!

Melanie said...

I am so jealous that your weather is way hotter than mine! Who would have thought! I could use some of those winter clothes!! Keep the updates coming! :)

ryanralph said...

Good to hear that it isn't too cold over there in the mountains...what a surprise. I am interested in hearing more about what the city is like over there. Hope the weekend brings some great adventures!!!

ryanralph said...

Hey Kelly

I am so glad to hear that you are there and you like it. I am excited to hear all the stuff that happens everyday. Can't wait to see some pics. I hope that you have a really amazing weekend.

Talk to you soon

christina said...

We are all so glad to hear from you. I can almost "see" you there with your wonderful detailed story telling!